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So, who is this Teresa Schulz person?

Well, I am enjoying the challenge of juggling the author/mum role with varying degrees of success, along with working through an Environmental Science Degree. I have a soft spot for animals of all types, and more hobbies and interests than I can pack into an average 24 hour day.  Some of these being horse riding, archery, herbal medicines, organic gardening and especially snuggling down under fluffy clean sheets, armed with  hot cocoa and a biscuit or two, ready to become absorbed into one of my favourite books. But the one you might be interested in, is my writing.

To write well, you have to read a lot. My interests span several genres. For example, I enjoy adult fiction such as Stephen King’s The Stand and George R R Martin’s Game of Thrones, but then I’m also a big fan of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter series and of course J R R Tokien’s Lord of the Rings. My overall favourite though would have to be Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Her writing immerses you in a story so real, with characters so vivid, and history so rich you can smell the bannocks and taste the whiskey! Not to mention a strong female protagonist and a dashing and gallant Scotsman.

Publicists have always had a bit of trouble deciding which genre to place the Outlander books in, which I kind of like about Diana. She blazes her own trail in the world of the novelist.

Barbed Wire & Daisies

So I figured if there are no hard and fast fixed rules, so to speak, and authors such as Neil Gaiman can have books in several genres, why can’t I? There is sure to be a book I have written of interest for most readers out there. And you just might be pleasantly delighted with the irresistible Kiwi flavour (ie. sense of humour) of my stories. Even the scary ones.

March 2018, I published the second and third books in my adult’s Lost Land Series, Avenge My Chief (The Lost Land Series – Book Two) and  The Last Haven (Lost Land Series Book Three). These follow on from my thriller/suspense Barbed Wire and Daisies (The Lost Land series – Book One)  set in 2030 in rural New Zealand. It is a fast-paced post-oil dystopian thriller which weaves together beautiful New Zealand locations, a kick-ass protagonist and an edge-of-your-seat, end-of-the-world scenario that is all too possible.

A recent review from Goodreads:


Sep 24, 2016 Pat rated it liked it

Well that was quite a bit of fun. Set in New Zealand in 2030, the story looks at how one small village reacts and protects itself from rampaging hordes when the world’s oil pipeline is turned off.

It could have been so much worse but the treatment given to this scenario by the author worked really well. Surprisingly it wasn’t the usual post-apocalyptic dystopian bleak outlook a la The Walking Dead. Rather it was a celebration of the good people triumphing over adversity. The people were cheerful and resolute and there were moments of humour in the book. Of course it wasn’t all a bed of roses and some victories were hard fought. This was a pleasant change from the usual offerings. 3.5 stars.

There is also a Psychological Thriller novella titled Unwilling to Break  that was published in 2016. It takes place partly in New Zealand and partly in Australia and touches on subjects such as organ harvesting and human-trafficking. Something along the lines of Liam Neeson’s Taken, and involving betrayal in its most cutting form.

And just because I am still a big kid at heart, and being a mother, still get to enjoy all the magic and adventure with my own children,  I wrote some children’s books. Mum’s and Dad’s might also enjoy reading the amusing The Chameleon Shop Books 1-3 (Children’s Fantasy Series – 11 yrs +) to their pre-teens.

Once I have completed this year’s papers towards my degree, I can finally work on another couple of projects I have waiting in the wings. One is a dark fantasy thriller called Succubus, which is kind of a reverse Beauty and the Beast thing where the pretty girl is the scary one, and the lovely guy is the one who might need saving.

Then, just because someone all but challenged me to do it, I have a historical romance in the works called Primal Passion. Spanish Revenge is Sweeter Served Hot! Ha ha, yeah, I will try to live up to your expectations on that one, ladies 😉

No-one can say I ever shy away from a challenge.  They’re looking pretty exciting. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

If you have read one of my books and enjoyed it, do please leave a brief, honest review. That is the best way you can thank an author.

There is a CONTACT tab at the top of the page. Feel free to send me a message, or ask any questions you might have. I personally answer  every one as I enjoy the real life contact with my fans.

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There is also a young adult/children’s trilogy for anyone interested …

6 thoughts on “About Teresa Schulz

    • Thanks so much. It is certainly a lot easier writing the stories than it is to market them, but the challenge is worth the pleasure it gives me.
      Yes my daughter is pretty clever with the cover design. Very handy skill for a Mum in this industry.

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    • Great suggestion Nathan. I appreciate the tip. I’ve been juggling too many projects in my life and sadly my favourite one, writing, has been left down the priority list. I shall try to remedy that fact. Hope you’re keeping safe and well in your part of the world. Strange days we are living in.

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