The rise of forward-thinking women

Is it just me, or has there been a hell of a lot of the persecution of women in the recent news of late? Maybe its always been this bad, and I just haven’t been paying enough attention to the news (because frankly, lets be honest, its usually depressing as hell) but it seems to me that women haven’t been targeted so often since the burning of alleged witches in the medieval days? What the hell people?

Do these men not remember it was a woman who gave birth to them, who wiped their shitty asses and kissed their boo-boos when they stubbed their toes at 3 years old, probably a woman whose cooked for them and fluffed after them most of their lives. And rape, hangings and stonings, is how they are repaying them? And as far as religious beliefs go, DONT get me started on that one. All I can say is that the documentary Zeitgeist opened my eyes and mine weren’t shut as much as most of these extremist nuts overseas. Religion has a lot to answer for. I’m all for spirituality – don’t get me wrong, but not what these idiots stand for.

It almost seems to me that some men (and I sincerely apologize to that very rare number of actual decent men out there, who actually like and respect women, so these negative comments are not aimed at you, if you happen to be reading this), it seems to me that some men out there, the evil, barbaric ones with no conscience – are feeling threatened by the rise of forward-thinking, powerful and assertively aware women of today, and are resisting this trend like a pit full of snakes.

Come on guys, you decent men out there are kind of being let down in a big way by the actions of dick-heads like this. If you are in a position to stop this happening, or alert authorities to protect someone, do so … heroes don’t have to have a cape to be heroes after all!

And while I’m having this wee rant, (well-intentioned as it is), trolls who have nothing better to do than attack people who are down, until they drive them to mental illness, or even suicide ….. how on earth can that make you feel good? Really? What is the point of it all? You are cowards, and need help …. or maybe you just weren’t breastfed as a baby who knows.

Anyhow, on the upside, I am pleased to see people like  David Cameron and other high-up officials condemning the planned execution of the woman in Sudan simply for who she’s chosen to love, (as if we really get to chose who we fall in love with). It’s nice to see people in power standing up for those in need who are powerless. After all, that’s what we have them there for isn’t it?


What happens when I have another Saturday night alone…

I find myself setting up a blog, that’s what. I am a new and as yet unpublished author, trying to get some mileage in the real world, along with being a stay at home mum and collector of helpless stray animals who need saving; needless to say my life has its funny moments, if a little chaotic at times. Which I’m sure many people out there can completely relate to.

What am I doing here?

What am I doing here?

So watch this space, you never know what will pop up next …. (mainly because I don’t know yet, so we shall all be surprised, shan’t we?)