My heart forever in Scotland

scotland cottage sunset  Although I’ve yet to visit this wonderful place, Scotland calls to my Celtic blood, like migration calls to the birds. I think I’ve been born to the wrong century because technological advances don’t excite me as much as a magnificent roaring fire in a big old cold castle. Then there’s always the kilts… forget plastic surgery guys, get yourselves a kilt and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be getting some gooooood lovin’ tonight!

My family roots, apparently originate partly from the Orkney Islands. I must say, that doesn’t really come as much of a surprise to me as I have been know to possess a little of the Viking Berserker at times, especially when someone tries to hurt one of my loved ones.

Even the language sounds sexy … don’t you think? Apart from Spanish, and possibly French, I think  it’s one of the sexiest sounding accents.

The food, well I won’t pretend to kid anyone by saying the idea of eating Haggis gets me going (except maybe going out the door for some important errand I just invented to avoid consuming the scary sounding stuff). But I’m a big fan of porridge, and the occasional whiskey is also rather therapeutic.

The land is ruggedly beautiful (just like I like my men) and the Loch’s seem to have an air of wildness and mystery about them; no wonder the Legend of the Loch Ness Monster have survived so many years. It’s easy to believe, and I haven’t even stood on those shores yet. Maybe I did once, in a past life many years gone by?

Of course another great draw to Scotland would have to be the love of my favourite book series, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Her writing is so alive, so 3-dimensional, you can feel the mist on your cheeks and smell the gun-smoke on the air. Along with adventure, wonderful humour and learning about history without being bored shitless, her stories tell a love story that I guarantee every passionate woman on earth has dreamed of finding, but very few of us ever have. She is up to her eigth book in the series Written in my Own Hearts Blood, and it’s more eagerly awaited then the second coming, in my opinion.

I will get to Scotland one day, if I have to sell everything I own to do it. My life will not be complete with out setting foot on her proud shores, where I think my heart will finally feel it has come home at last.

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