The Chameleon Shop, by Teresa Schulz

The Children’s Book Review (for review click on the link in red below)

The Chameleon Shop, by Teresa Schulz: Who can resist a mysterious old English bookshop? The scent of them and the mysteries they hold.

Source: The Chameleon Shop, by Teresa Schulz

Barbed Wire and Daisies Trailer 1 (slightly longer version)

If one day, the oil suddenly stopped coming … what would you do to keep your family safe when things get ugly? Genevieve MacGregor is in that position, and she’s not going down without a fight.
This is a dystopian suspense thriller of a post oil world, in particular, a valley in rural New Zealand. There is plenty of action, and suspense, and even a little kiwi humour thrown in just to lighten the serious subject matter.