Book Review: Barbed Wire and Daisies

Lovely review from Christy after reading Barbed Wire and Daisies. Thanks again, Christy. Very pleased you enjoyed it.


What a fantastic book! Based in New Zealand in the year 2030, under present living situations, it’s a story of how a community came together to protect their lives and their valley. Seeing nothing but death and destruction around them, due to the lack of supply of Petrol, the MacGregor family was ready for an emergency, thanks to dear Nana and her odd gifts, and survived quite well. They had everything for basic survival. With the residents of Arrow Valley, they stayed together and fought together, protecting the valley from the vagrants from town, and impending massacre.
Not being a Sci-Fi enthusiast, I would still recommend reading Barbed Wire and Daisies!
Christy Mumma

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Maori elder Kingi Taurua sends TPPA partners, Queen a formal notice of veto of trade agreement

Not related to my writing but something far more important. The sovereignty of my homeland and the future protection of my children. I wanted to confirm on my blog we Kiwi’s DO NOT WANT the TPPA, we gave our Government and John Key NO MANDATE to sign it on our behalf and as this post explains, it is actually ILLEGAL for them to do so without the agreement of our Maori Elders. Be interesting to see what unfolds on Thursday 4th May 2016 in Auckland at Sky Tower.

NZ Food Security

Kingi Taurua, a prominent Nga Puhi elder at Waitangi’s Te Tii Marae, has sent a formal notice of veto of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement to the embassies and trade departments of its proposed partner countries, and has requested that the Queen intervene on the issue.

The document cites the Treaty of Waitangi and the 1835 Declaration of Independence of New Zealand, and states that the New Zealand government does not have “due authority” to sign the TPPA without the agreement of Maori elders, “which [agreement] has not been given”.

Mr Taurua claims that the TPPA would be void in respect of New Zealand’s involvement as a result, should it be signed.

NZ Food Security has obtained a copy of the document sent by Mr Taurua, which is titled “Notice of Non-Assent to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and Exercise of Constitutional Power of Veto in Respect Thereof”.

te Tii MaraeEntrance to Te Tii…

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