Succubus … OUT NOW!

Out now!

Dark fantasy/horror with elements of humour. A different twist on the Beauty & the Beast tale.

Available as an Ebook (or print) at Smashwords, Draft 2 Digital and Amazon

From the back cover:

Inside each of us are two wolves – one evil, one good. The one who wins will be the one you feed the most. Inside a gothic castle on a remote mountaintop, somewhere in the lands of Romania, a dreaded beast lives.

She is the one who feeds on foolish souls who venture too close.

The sultry, irresistible Succubus lures them in and it is up to them not to displease her, lest they suffer the fate of many who have tried and failed before them.

One day Blue Spear the Bard, an accidental hero, visits their town. Surely such a renowned warrior can defeat this terrifying, yet mysteriously alluring she-devil. But appearances are not always quite as they seem.

From the first chapter:

Anna Draculesti didn’t suffer from mental illness … she enjoyed every minute of it. Actually, that’s not precisely accurate. The Succubus enjoyed every minute of it; Anna was just the unfortunate passenger who came along for the ride. She was a spectator, in a non-spectator sport, like the bloodthirsty citizens who cheered at the bloody gore and gruesome killings which occurred in the colosseum below them. Just as the slaves who were forced to become gladiators, and fight for their lives, Anna had no control over the demon within her. The fearsome beast who, if made angry or frightened, could visit such pain and destruction on someone, to hear tell of it, you would never sleep soundly, without one eye open, again.

You would think with a profession such as ‘Succubus’ that this woman would be incredibly sexy, erotic, seductive and … well, horny. I’m sure that this would usually be the case, as legend would have it. But in Anna’s case, the Succubus demon had been sort of ‘gifted to her’ by a well-meaning wizard, as a means of physical insurance, if you will.

To be sure, Anna was a beauty to behold. But as far as seducing the opposite sex went, in all truth, she would much rather read a really good book.

All will be explained, in good time…if you care to read on.