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outback spectacular

Had a ball of a time recently on holiday in Australia with family. As per usual, I was totally spoiled by being surprised with a night out at the Outback Spectacular show. Absolutely loved it! The show was full-on and breathtaking. Costumes, lighting and performance all top-notch. And although they were catering for over 1000 guests, the meal arrived hot and delicious.

I highly recommend seeing one of these shows for a great night out (especially if you’re particularly fond of horses).

This holiday was super special as I had the privilege of being present for the birth of my very first grandchild, a bonny wee boy who has stolen a big chunk of my heart.

My dopey dog at home decided to go neurotic and get extreme separation anxiety, resulting in jumping a high fence, not quite making it and separating the bones in his femur …. so I’m the vets favourite customer this month, again!

Ah well, the fun never stops in this neck of the woods. Take care all. Mind those fences.

My horse Storm

The Chameleon Shop Book One

This book is for lovers of fairy tales …

Kaylee Browne discovered a magic key in a new bookstore in town. The key takes her to the faraway lands of The Five Realms, where she begins a quest to find the maker of the key so she can learn how to get home… then to her surprise, a completely new quest to save someone very dear to her.

Along the way, she encounters fairies, giant cats, flying horses, a castle, a witch and many other magical creatures including a dragon.

The shop is called the Chameleon Shop for a good reason … would you care to find out?

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