Merry Christmas…By the way, you’re Fired!

Merry Christmas from Teresa

Hey guys,

Interesting story about that headline. I’ll come back to that. Man, I don’t think I’ve done a blog on here for a long time. Sorry about that. Life, study, work, kids … all hog my time a bit. I have been longing to get back into my writing, but until I hit the big-time I need another income.

About that income, my current (slightly boring, but respectable) job was supposed to carry on for another 2 years, and I was told 2 days before Christmas, ‘yeah we’re really sorry but we’re not extending your contract.’

So… after working really hard, studying for the position and the extra expense THAT cost, I am in the end, it appears, expendable.

Should have stuck to my writing huh?

Anyway, shit happens, and life goes on. I’ll tell you about some other cool stuff that I’ve been up to this year. Finally got myself a reliable car, and a little piece of paradise in the country-side.

The beginnings of my orchard

Some consolation for the job ending is while working there, it helped me get this. Now she’s quite humble at present, but one day, I’m going to build myself a mini-Shire round them there hills… watch this space.

We spent New Years out there in our bus, Mooshine Phoenix, and sat by the brazier and watched the fireworks the locals set off in this quiet country village. It was magical, peaceful and we loved it.

I have also gained a beehive over the Christmas break. We are going to have loads of honey to share soon. Not bad for a lady who had a bit of a phobia for flying bugs, huh?

Anyway, back to the writing. I still have two books, well actually three now, on the go. Now that I am temporarily out of work I may just get one of them finished.

Keep you posted.

Till then, feel free to leave me a message via my chat page, or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or where ever. Love to hear from people. I may suffer from lack of social morning tea chats for a bit, so help a brother (sister) out here and say Hello.

Take care, I shall try to check in again in less than 12 months… promise.