2020 already…where did the time go?

What do these two pictures have in common? Well, since you asked so nicely, I shall tell you.

The one on the left is the logo of my publishing company, Blue Phoenix NZ Ltd. The one on the right is the house-bus my partner and I have just bought recently. After much serious thought, and deliberation, not to mention a few bourbons to christen the new ride, we have decided to name her Moonshine Phoenix. Moonshine due to my partners love of brewing a darn good Bourbon, and phoenix due to my passion for writing and also the fact that the bus got half way home before a terrible crunching racket began emanating from her bowels and we had to detour on the trip home to a nice friendly diesel mechanic. It appeared she had popped a really big foo foo valve, (or whatever the big bus equivalent is) and was in desperate need of repairs. Said mechanic is now giving a new life to this poor neglected old gal! Needless to say she will be back with us in due course and the new adventure begins ๐Ÿ™‚ Watch this space…

Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com

So… lately my blog has been about as lively as this cute but sedentary wee gargoyle. Sorry about that. Had rather a busy year last year, what with finishing my degree, running for regional council, writing another book and beginning a new job.

Still, I’m not one for excuses. I’m back and rearing to go. I’ve got another two books on the go and excited about sharing updates with you along the way.

And if my muse is playing hard to get, I’ll just procrastinate and tell you all about the house bus adventures/dramas instead. ๐Ÿ™‚ No doubt you will likely find those stories every bit as amusing as the ficitonal ones I write.

It’s the end of summer here in NZ and I’m truly over the stifling heat. Apologies if you are up in the northern hemisphere freezing your niplets off. I’m sure the warmer weather up there will be on its way soon. It’s finally cool enough to go to sleep without melting into a puddle so I will bid you all good evening and try to get back to this blog before 2021.

Sophie is a fruitbat

No promises mind …

Barbed Wire and Daisies – First Review

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars ~~The Destitute are on the Prowl~~ January 17, 2015
The last remaining oil tankeris blown up near a Russian seaport on 13 April 2030. A rural farm in Arrow Valley, New Zealand, will feel the outcome of this action shortly. A most endearing family led by the matriarch, Heather (affectionately known as Nana) has prepared her family for this type of scenario for anumber of years. Her daughter, Gen and her husband, Nat have a wonderful family of three children. Allie, Olivia and Kyle have been the recipients of “strange” gifts from Nana for many years. Little did they know that Nana’s intentions were to prepare them for life or death situations in the years to come. Crossbows, knives and even a scythe have been birthday presents bestowed by Heather and being young, the grandchildren got a lot of laughs out of them. Fast forward to crisis time and there is no laughter at their farm.Times get tougher, the people get hungrier and thus food and survival become a real issue. The destitute are on the prowl and it appears nothing can stop their advance. There is action on multiple fronts including the town, at the cave, at the farmhouse and at the place designated for the last stand. Arrows fly from the crossbows and parties on both sides suffer injuries. More advanced weaponry is also in the mix. And, one doesn’t want to mess with family members of either Gen or Nat as hell will be knocking on your door.

There is a lot of heartache with some deaths which touch everyone. The author also interjects humor to lighten the story at the appropriate time. Nat’s comment about Aladdin’s carpet comes to mind! Personally, I enjoyed reading about the flora and fauna native to New Zealand as it came to life for me. And, the addition of Neil and his “bird” were priceless! Thank goodness for Nana’s premonitions so many years ago which enabled this one family to prepare for the situation.

The characters are well defined, the plot is well written and the ending is perfect.

Most highly recommended.

AUTHORS COMMENT: Not too bad for my debut novel