Blue Phoenix…

My Muse

Life can throw you curve balls. Good times would not feel quite so good, were it not for the difficult times you need to overcome. Adapt. Roll with. The sun still comes up. Life goes on.

I have chosen the blue phoenix as my publishing name and my muse, as he burns to ashes, and is reborn to fight again. I find some camaraderie in that. Anyone feeling a little rudderless, lost, down-in-the-dumps at the moment, Kia Kaha people. Keep an eye out for that new opportunity just around the corner. Or something you have been wanting to do for some time, but kept finding excuses not to.

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I got this to help motivate myself. Can’t ignore my muse when he follows me around everywhere.

I have always told my kids, if you find your life sucks, then make a plan and change it. I’m hoping to work on some audio versions of my books soon, as my books are based in NZ and I think the characters will not sound genuine unless they have that Kiwi accent.

Videos seem quite popular on the internet as well. I am going to brave my introvert fears and put some more of those up on Social Media as well. Even if it is just to introduce you guys to my pet sheep in Halcombe. If there is anything in particular you would like to know about my life in NZ, don’t be shy. Sing out!

I’m off to work on my current projects. In the meantime …

My Lost Lands trilogy, Avenge my Chief, has a new cover. If you’re stuck home due to Covid and bored, the first book in the series is FREE.

Stay cool guys.

Bye for now.