I ‘ve written a book … and it’s really pretty good … so I’ve heard :)

After countless months and copies of manuscripts sent off to traditional publishing companies, and being about as welcome as sand in your undies, I have grown impatient with sitting on my golden egg, and long to let it shine for the world’s enjoyment.

In the final stages of polishing my novel, I am in the process of publishing through Create Space, Amazon (although if any other publishers out there find I just may have some talent worthy of their attention, I am still legally able to look at other contracts, so don’t be shy – feel free to contact me.)

In the tab on my blog Barbed Wire and Daisies, is a link to a taste of this adventure …. although based on a serious topic, and containing plenty of action, there is ample human love and humour in this story as well. I think most people will really enjoy it.

Feedback is welcome.

Thank you

From the Author (oh I love saying that)

Teresa Schulz

What happens when I have another Saturday night alone…

I find myself setting up a blog, that’s what. I am a new and as yet unpublished author, trying to get some mileage in the real world, along with being a stay at home mum and collector of helpless stray animals who need saving; needless to say my life has its funny moments, if a little chaotic at times. Which I’m sure many people out there can completely relate to.

What am I doing here?

What am I doing here?

So watch this space, you never know what will pop up next …. (mainly because I don’t know yet, so we shall all be surprised, shan’t we?)