Unwilling to Break

I have finally published my psychological thriller novella Unwilling to Break. It takes place partly in New Zealand and partly in Australia and touches on subjects such as organ harvesting and human-trafficking. Something along the lines of Liam Neeson’s Taken, and involving betrayal in its most cutting form.If you’re interested in checking it out, follow the link below. Amazon.com amzn.to/2dp0oGE

also D2D https://books2read.com/u/mZwQRD and Smashwords https://bit.ly/2PYimUg

Back Blurb:  Emma Johnson thinks she has a good marriage. Everyone has their problems, right? However, all this changes when she becomes payment to Albanian drug dealers, in lieu of her husband Greg’s debt.
Emma is not that easy to break though. With a fire in her belly that can only be quenched by revenge, she will do whatever it takes to rescue her children and make him pay.

A couple of reviews from Goodreads (also on Amazon.co.uk)

Jirinka (sony08)

Dec 20, 2016Jirinka (sony08) rated it (4 stars) really liked it

More reviews at: http://noemptyshelveshere.blogspot.co…

If you want a quick exciting read, then this is the book for you. It’s fast paced, and makes your blood boil more than once. I was warned that there are violent scenes within this novel, but really there is only one uncomfortable part and the rest of the book is fine. I have read some much more explicit books that carried no warning so this was a walk in the park and I would recommend readers to ignore the warning and enjoy the book.

Emma suspects that her husband Greg is up to no good and she also knows deep down that he lying scumbag. She also knows that she still loves him so when he surprises her with a second honeymoon trip to Sydney, she feels flattered.

Not for very long though. Greg has a plan to get Emma’s life insurance money to pay of his debts and before long Emma is in the hands of a human trafficking circle. But as the title suggest she is quite clearly unwilling to break.

Fueled by the love for her children and the hatred she now has for Greg, Emma manages to survive her ordeal and her only focus remains those two kids back at home and justice that needs to be served to her the man she called husband.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will definitely look out for the author again.

Thank you to the author and TBConFB for access to this book in return for an honest review. (less)

4.0 out of 5 starsIt’s great to read something that’s just a bit different

By Ellie Bradley on November 12, 2016

Format: Paperback

It’s great to read something that’s just a bit different! A fantastic story that takes you on a whirlwind adventure, and a character you can totally get behind! I just wish it had been a bit longer..
Theresa Schulz has a wonderful ability to think just outside the box. If you like this, definitely check out Barbed wire and daisies by the same author!!!

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